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Presidential Intentions

Political Fiction

An overachiever who is driven by an ambition to succeed, Samantha Harrison has set out to be the first woman president in United States history. With her devoted husband Ben behind her, she begins her campaign with Zachary Watts, a determined campaign manager with questionable ethics. As her campaign begins to take shape, Samantha is forced to deal with a crumbling home life as she continues her quest to hold the highest office in the land. Forced to decide what she’s willing to lose to win, Samantha’s choices will ultimately determine who’s standing beside her in the end. Highlighting Samantha’s personal conflicts and burning desire to win, Presidential Intentions creates a gripping political drama that examines the personal cost of realizing her dream. With an innocent naivety on the human capacity for evil and certain blindness to the things around her, Samantha might achieve her goal; however, she might never truly know what it costs her. A mesmerizing and thought-provoking look into the interior of U.S. politics, this complex novel has a lasting appeal that will keep readers thinking long after the book is through. Written for anyone interested in politics or the rise of women, Presidential Intentions appeals to political junkies everywhere as well as anyone immersed in women’s issues in business and politics. The first book of its kind to profile a woman presidential candidate’s life, this engrossing story tells the story of the sacrifice required in the quest to become the first woman president in American history.

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Great Read for a Political Junkie

Presidential Intentions follows the life and career of potentially the first female president. While the book is a work of fiction it reads like an oral history of a political candidate. The political world is not sugar-coated and we see how even an honest and ethical candidate can become jaded over the years by handlers and the need to horse-trade to get anything done in Washington. Personal and professional sacrifices are dealt with in a realistic, human and sometimes touching ways. Regarless of your politial or idealistic leanings you will identify with the protagonist’s desire to work for the “common-good” and protect her own views while still attempting to conform to her political party’s platform. Definitely one for any reader’s shelf.Read More

A Work of Fiction Perfectly Timed to Coincide With History: A Woman’s March Towards the Presidency

” As the 2016 presidential election looms, along with the likely victory of Hillary Rodham Clinton, this time during and between Hillary’s book tour and her formal announcement is as frustrating as it is fascinating !

So, having a great read about Presidential Intention’s Samantha Harrison’s march to the presidency is a gift from the political junkie universe.

I loved the book. As a woman-of-similar-age to both Hillary and Samantha, I can say with authority that author Doug Wood got it right in this, his first fictional work. The novel’s themes and dilemmas are familiar and, thus, believable. My dilemma? While I couldn’t put it down, I didn’t want it to end.

While this will continue to be a great read after the 2016 election, it is definitely, definitely, a must-read read now.”Read More

Intentions Swept This Election

This book is a tremendous read. Great story put together well that keeps you enthralled from start to finish. Doug Wood has a reputation for being a great lawyer. Now he can add great storyteller to his resume.Read More