Things You Should Know But Don’t: The Dawn of AI Regulation

If you follow tech news, it’s impossible to escape how AI has taken over the conversation.  No matter how frivolous […]

Douglas Wood - April 15, 2024

Things You Should Know But Don’t: AI Voice Clones

When AI-generated deepfakes first became a concern on the internet, it was mostly centered around video. Some of the deepfakes […]

Douglas Wood - April 1, 2024

Things You Should Know But Don’t: How Hackers Use AI

It’s not uncommon to hear that someone has implemented elements of AI in their day-to-day workflow. In fact, it’s becoming […]

Douglas Wood - March 18, 2024

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Using AI to Create Police Sketches

In 2017, California police released an image of a potential suspect in the murder of Maria Jane Weidhofer, a cold […]

Douglas Wood - March 4, 2024

The Shakespeare Killer – Independent Press Award: Distinguished Favorite

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Douglas J. Wood receives national recognition through the INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD®! The INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD, one of the most prestigious […]

Douglas Wood - February 21, 2024
People Meeting Connection Social Networking Communication Concept

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Using Social Media to Predict Crime

Can AI predict crime? In past blogs, I’ve written about crime mapping, a technique where police data is used to […]

Douglas Wood - February 19, 2024
Background image of computer with case file on screen in detectives office, copy space

Things You Should Know But Don’t: AI in Policing

Despite the controversy around AI, it has a wide range of practical applications across many fields. Among those is law […]

Douglas Wood - February 5, 2024

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Revisiting the Golden Age of Serial Killers

In 2023, there were an unsettling number of missing persons cases that went unanswered and strange murders left unsolved. Between […]

Douglas Wood - January 22, 2024

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Space News in 2024

Every year we continue to see great accomplishments in space exploration and research and the upcoming year is shaping up […]

Douglas Wood - January 8, 2024

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Data Brokers

For younger users and those who grew up with the internet, it’s common knowledge that any time you use a […]

Douglas Wood - December 26, 2023