March 2021

Things You Should Know But Don’t: A New [Un]Holy Alliance
Posted March 29, 2021 Written by admin

You may have missed the news on March 9 that China and Russia formed a new alliance. They will work together to build a research station on the Moon.  They even have a name for it – the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS). 

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Your Hidden Profile
Posted March 15, 2021 Written by admin

The use of biometric data has expanded exponentially, from using thumbprints for unlocking phones to voice activation technology. Facial recognition […]

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Pictures Are Worth $3 Billion
Posted March 1, 2021 Written by admin

During the past weeks, space nerds everywhere have been marveling at the videos, photos, and sounds Perseverance has been broadcasting from Mars.