Things You Should Know But Don’t: Pictures Are Worth $3 Billion
Posted March 1, 2021 Written by admin

During the past weeks, space nerds everywhere have been marveling at the videos, photos, and sounds Perseverance has been broadcasting from Mars.

I’ll Be Back…
Posted February 15, 2021 Written by admin

While the Terminator has not arrived (yet), robotics and artificial intelligence have made quantum leaps toward reality.

Second Place is No Place to Be
Posted February 8, 2021 Written by admin

Recent press reports indicate that NASA has announced it is postponing until April 30, 2021 its decision to award a contract to one of three bidders for the development of a human lunar landing system. 

Things You Should Know But Don’t: DarkMarket Takedown
Posted February 1, 2021 Written by admin

The dark web is a seemingly endless, horrifying place where people can anonymously live out their worst impulses.

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Eye in the Sky Blinded
Posted January 18, 2021 Written by admin

On December 1, 2020, after a number of failures by cables and the sockets holding them, the massive aperture spherical radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico suddenly collapsed.  Miraculously, no one was hurt.

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Chang’e 5
Posted January 4, 2021 Written by admin

While China has been making unprecedented progress on space travel for the past few decades, this most recent mission drives home just how far behind the US is lagging in the space race.

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Global Internet
Posted December 1, 2020 Written by admin

SpaceX, the private space exploration company owned by Elon Musk, is working on a solution called StarLink. In order to provide the entire world with access to dependable Wi-Fi 24/7, the company has created a series of satellites that can, in theory, allow a consumer to have high-speed Internet access in any location.

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Private vs. Public Sector Space Exploration
Posted October 27, 2020 Written by admin

While both the private and public sectors are active, there are pros and cons to each side.

Things You Should Know But Don’t: China’s Space Plants
Posted September 30, 2020 Written by admin

While a far cry from living years or perhaps a lifetime in space or on another planet, different nations – including China – continue to research the best ways to make other astrological bodies habitable.

China Is Winning the Space Race
Posted September 16, 2020 Written by admin

China advances are undaunted and launched more rockets into space in 2019 than any other nation in the world with plans to repeat that feat in 2020. And don’t forget China’s lead in artificial intelligence and computer learning. Put it all together and the conclusion is inescapable.