Artificial Intelligence

Things You Should Know But Don’t: AI and the Art of Horror
Posted October 24, 2022 Written by Claire

Several months ago, OpenAI’s image generator, DALL-E Mini, entered the popular lexicon, trending on social media to the point where […]

Young woman holding her phone in front of her face against a grey background. There is a red, face-scanning laser grid on her face.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Can AI Know Your Age?
Posted October 10, 2022 Written by Claire

Commonly, biometric data is used to provide security in our day-to-day lives. We unlock our phones and open private apps […]

robot and human hand touching fingertips in front of a dark blue background. There is a light that emanates from their fingertips
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Do No Harm
Posted June 20, 2022 Written by Claire

In a recent article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Susan D’Agostino presents provocative views faced by the artificial […]

Medium close-up of a soldier overseeing rocket launch on computer
Things You Should Know But Don’t: One Pixel Away
Posted March 28, 2022 Written by Claire

A chilling statement in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists presents yet another example of the dangers of pursuing technology […]

blue and red 3d rendering of human brain on technology background
Things You Should Know But Don’t: A Modern Oracle
Posted November 22, 2021 Written by Claire

You may have already heard of the Allen Institute for AI’s newest project, “Ask Delphi”, after it went viral on […]

A hand reaching out from a dark background holding a red marker. They are using the marker to draw a red circle around a group of white icons representing people. Other faded icons of people appear in the background.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: The Serial Killer Algorithm
Posted November 8, 2021 Written by Claire

The idea of technology and machines making some jobs easier- or even obsolete- is not a new concept. It’s been […]

Things You Should Know But Don’t: OpenAI’s GPT-2 Model
Posted April 20, 2020 Written by admin

OpenAI, a research organization focused on artificial intelligence, searches for ways to expand and aid online-based programs. Their work with […]