Detective board with photos of suspected criminals, crime scenes and evidence with red threads
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Digital Detectives Part 2
Posted January 17, 2022 Written by Claire

My last blog covered some of the basics of a phenomena often referred to as “crowdsourced investigations”, a reference to […]

An illustration of a magnifying glass with a fingerprint in the middle. It is on a black background with red and blue binary and digital effects.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Digital Detectives Part 1
Posted January 3, 2022 Written by Claire

True crime as a genre has been captivating audiences for the better part of the last decade. While true crime […]

A hand reaching out from a dark background holding a red marker. They are using the marker to draw a red circle around a group of white icons representing people. Other faded icons of people appear in the background.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: The Serial Killer Algorithm
Posted November 8, 2021 Written by Claire

The idea of technology and machines making some jobs easier- or even obsolete- is not a new concept. It’s been […]