Cyber Security

Person tapping a touchscreen that lights up and links to several icons to signify applications, including things like GPS, email and shopping.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Down and Out
Posted August 17, 2021 Written by Claire

In our modern world, one of the most frustrating things is not being able to get online. Whether your modem […]

Things You Should Know But Don’t: The Influence of Social Media (Part 1)
Posted July 5, 2021 Written by Claire

It’s not news that social media is impacting our behavior. Researchers have long said that the changing landscape of the […]

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Ransomware 2.0
Posted June 21, 2021 Written by Claire

Ransomware has been around for a long time. The first case originates in the late 80s with something called the […]

Camera lens and red backlight
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Webcam Security
Posted June 7, 2021 Written by Claire

Have you ever been sitting at your desk, using your laptop and noticed the light next to your webcam flash […]