The Shakespeare Killer

A computer generated image of a home icon with circuits branching out from it. The icon and circuitry are red and are placed over a black background.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: The Dark Side of Smart Homes
Posted September 18, 2023 Written by Claire

If you’ve been in the market for a new home appliance, you already know that it is becoming increasingly difficult […]

A photograph of a glass windshield with bullet hole cracks in it. There is a blurred cityscape in the background.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Gunshot Detectors
Posted August 28, 2023 Written by Claire

In the late 80s and early 90s, the US saw a spike in gun-related deaths—historically, until 2021, this had been […]

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Stingrays & Cell Tower Simulators
Posted August 14, 2023 Written by Britt McCormick

The world of technology seems to be ever-expanding and advancing, but it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse. […]

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Early Signs of a Killer
Posted July 17, 2023 Written by Claire

Often times when the FBI is looking for a serial killer, they will begin building a criminal profile to help […]

Things You Should Know But Don’t: Signal & End-to-End Encryption
Posted July 3, 2023 Written by Claire

Anyone who uses the internet leaves a digital footprint. Each footprint can be an unwanted intrusion into your private life.  […]

The Shakespeare Killer
Posted June 19, 2023 Written by Claire

My newest novel, The Shakespeare Killer, is officially out! A sequel to Blood on the Bayou, my latest thriller continues […]