Things You Should Know But Don’t

Typewriter, fingerprints and papers on desk in office. Detective's workplace
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Pitfalls of Forensic Science
Posted November 21, 2022 Written by Claire

If you’re a fan of true crime, you’re likely familiar with many of the forensic methods police and detectives use […]

A top-down image of a person in a hoodie typing on an illuminated keyboard against a black background
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Serial Killer Fandoms
Posted November 7, 2022 Written by Claire

True crime has been a popular genre for several decades.  At this point, it’s common for people to watch a […]

Things You Should Know But Don’t: AI and the Art of Horror
Posted October 24, 2022 Written by Claire

Several months ago, OpenAI’s image generator, DALL-E Mini, entered the popular lexicon, trending on social media to the point where […]

Young woman holding her phone in front of her face against a grey background. There is a red, face-scanning laser grid on her face.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Can AI Know Your Age?
Posted October 10, 2022 Written by Claire

Commonly, biometric data is used to provide security in our day-to-day lives. We unlock our phones and open private apps […]

Dark wooden cellar door open at bottom of old stone stairs bright sun light rays shining in
Things You Should Know But Don’t: America’s First Serial Killer
Posted September 26, 2022 Written by Claire

The period from 1970 until the late 1990s is popularly known as the “Golden Age” of serial killers in the […]

A 3D model of DNA, glowing orange on a dark blue background
Things You Should Know But Don’t: How DNA Solves Cold Cases
Posted September 12, 2022 Written by Claire

I’ve spent some time in the past discussing biometric data and all of the privacy concerns that come along with […]

A shadowy vampire showing their fangs on a dark background
Things You Should Know But Don’t: The New Orleans Vampires
Posted August 15, 2022 Written by Claire

My newest novel, Blood on the Bayou, is centered in New Orleans, one of the most unique cultures in the […]

A wooden shelf with antique glass bottles. The bottles contain various medicines, poisons, and chemicals.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Minnie Wallace
Posted August 1, 2022 Written by Claire

Did you know that monetary gain is one of the top reasons that serial killers, and murderers in general, kill […]

A closeup image of the handle of a brown, vintage suitcase. It is filtered with a sepia tone.
Things You Should Know But Don’t: New Orleans Trunk Murders
Posted July 18, 2022 Written by Claire

Continuing our true crime tour of New Orleans, next up is the gruesome murders of Theresa and Leonide Moity—more widely […]

robot and human hand touching fingertips in front of a dark blue background. There is a light that emanates from their fingertips
Things You Should Know But Don’t: Do No Harm
Posted June 20, 2022 Written by Claire

In a recent article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Susan D’Agostino presents provocative views faced by the artificial […]